The harsh clampdown, also known as the "Strike Hard” Campaign, carried out by the Chinese regime on the Uyghurs in the past year has gradually been brought to attention to many, though the oppression has always been relentless. Roughly one million Uyghurs are imprisoned in so-called "re-education" camps, which, put into perspective, is one in ten Uyghurs jailed or detained without charge. In these horrible camps, Uyghurs as well as other turkic-speaking muslims (e.g. Kazakhs) are forced to forget their identities, and denounce Islam. Thousands of children with parents locked up in the camps are sent to orphanages. The Chinese regime has also been using big data and advanced technologies (e.g. facial and voice recognitions, QR-codes) to monitor the Uyghurs and collect their biological data, such as DNA, blood samples and iris scans. Some government staff are assigned to move in with Uyghur families without their consent. The freedom of movement of the Uyghurs is severely restricted: those who currently reside elsewhere in mainland China are directed to return home and are not allowed to leave China. The Chinese authorities have also threatened the families and relatives of overseas Uyghurs, directing them to return home to China, and some who did return have been reported missing. Those who have been to countries like Turkey and US also ended up in the camps. Wearing a headscarf, growing a beard, praying etc. are deemed to be the features of a criminal by the Chinese authorities. In addition, the Uyghur language is no longer taught in schools, instead all subjects are taught in Mandarin, accelerating the assimilation process.